Investing in early stage mixed reality startups

We are a venture fund investing $100k - $500k into early stage Mixed Reality startups. Over the past 3 years of operations we have built a deep network of Mixed Reality, 3D, and Computer Vision developers, Fortune 500s with interest in AR/VR, and other great co-investors focused on building this industry.

We look for early stage companies with experienced, responsible founding teams. We favor teams who have ambitious visions to change the way we live our lives, do business, and connect with friends.


Don Stein manages the Mixed Reality scout fund for General Catalyst, and also founded a Mixed Reality fund called Candela Partners in 2015. He has invested in 30 Mixed Reality startups, has co-hosted over 30 events around this technology, and has been full-time in this industry for over 30 months.

He has become a major component in the industry for helping founders meet the right investors. He is also an advisor and investor to many leading MR startups.

Over the past few years Don also built the most active Mixed Reality syndicate on AngelList as a way to democratize this asset class for angels. he is a consistent thought leader in the space, and author.

Lawrence ("Larry") Braitman has been investing advising, and accelerating the growth of early-stage companies since 1997.
With Rick Thompson, he co-founded FlyCast Com. Flycast created the first ever display advertising network targeted direct-response buyers. Flycast went public in 1999 raising $75M and then sold in 2000 for $2.2B.

Larry served as the initial investor in Flixster, the popular movie service that sold in 2011 to Warner Brothers for a reported $80M.

Paraj Mathur graduated from Franklin & Marshall College with a Business and Computer Science degree. He is passionate about early - stage investing with a focus on visual technology. He has built and launched several consumer products in addition to his experience with early stage deal sourcing and evaluation. Most importantly, he is passionate about building the ecosystem of top developers, entrepreneurs, and customers to grow the visual tech landscape.

Mark is a principal at Akatsuki Ventures and a venture fellow at Betaworks Ventures. He was previously the Director of Corporate Development & Strategy at Technicolor, and also helped start Technicolor Ventures.

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Best way to get in touch is through mutual friends or associates, but you can also reach us through this form: